Premium Donuts

Dawn created the first ever commercial donut mix in the 1920s in Jackson, Michigan, and we've lead the way ever since. All of our ready-to-serve donuts are made using expertly developed American donut mixes and bases so we can guarantee great results every time.

The demand for indulgence

Donuts have long been a bakery staple and today's consumers are demanding more indulgence, more textural combinations and more product satisfaction than ever before. Our deliciously indulgent premium donuts allow you to capitalise on the trend for exciting, colourful product displays that will tempt customers to impulse purchase.


As well as all of the fantastic flavours we offer within our Premium Donut range, our newest flavours that launched in 2020 include:

  • Cappuccino - with a cappuccino flavoured glaze, topped with a cocoa drizzle and crunchy cocoa-covered biscuit pieces, and filled with a cappuccino flavoured filling. 
  • Party - with a cocoa glaze, topped with colourful sprinkles and filled with an eggnog flavoured custard filling
  • Caramel - with a white chocolate flavoured glaze, topped with real caramel pieces and filled with a delicious caramel filling.  
  • Wild Fruits - with a pink glaze, topped with fruity crunchy sprinkles and filled with a forest fruits filling
  • Marshmallow - a soft donut with a pink strawberry flavoured glaze, decorated with white and pink vanilla flavoured marshmallows for added appeal and texture
  • White Drizzle - a soft donut fully-covered with a white glaze and decorated with a cocoa drizzle


2020 Premium Donuts

Shhhh! They have a secret....

Our all time-favourite, ready-to-serve donuts have delicious surprises inside everyone. They are ready to sell after allowing to thaw for up to 60 minutes and they taste as good as freshly baked donuts! The combination of crispy coating, fluffy dough, totally indulgent fillings and deliciously rich toppings is too good to miss!  

  • Caramel-Lace - Ready-to-eat donut coated in vanilla icing and caramel sauce, with a gooey caramel surprise inside. 
  • Triple-Choc - Light, fluffy texture with a cocoa topping, sprinkles, and a creamy chocolate sauce filling. 
  • Chocca-Nut - Featuring a hazelnut topping, sprinkled with chopped nuts and filled with a delicious, smooth hazelnut sauce.  
  • Cinn-Apple - Light, fluffy donut covered in crunchy cinnamon sugar with a fruit apple filling. 
  • Strawberry-Sprinkle - Filled with strawberry jam, and coated in strawberry icing with multi-coloured sprinkles. 
Premium Donuts All Time Favourites

On-trend donut flavours

As well as our all time-favourites, we have a range of on-trend and seasonal flavoured donuts to tempt your customers, all deliciously filled and decorated for maximum visual appeal. Try these delicious treats in your outlets to boost sales!

  • Lovely Lemon - Topped with white glaze decorated with yellow sugar sprinkles and filled with a zesty lemon filling. 
  • Raspberry & Cream Twist - Double injected, meaning there’s a mouth-watering intermittent raspberry and cream cheese filling inside the donut ring, topped with a white coating and bright red stripes. 
  • Cookie Crush - Coated in white icing, decorated with cookie pieces and filled with a vanilla flavour filling. 
Premium Donuts - Trending Flavours