Battenburg Mousse


What you'll need


Sponge Layers

Add all the following ingredients to a bowl fitted with a whisk and whisk for 1 minute on slow speed and then 3 minutes on fast speed: DAWN® Golden Genoese Cake Base Water Vegetable Oil DAWN® Natural Almond Flavouring Spread 1000g of the sponge mix onto a lined 18” x 30” baking tray and bake for approximately 5 minutes at 240°C. Cut a strip out of the sheet to line a (L)540mm x (W)80mm x (H)40mm bar frame. Place the strip onto the base of the frame and divide the frame in two, lengthways.


For the white mousse dissolve the White Chocolate Fond powder into half the warm water and then fold into half the lightly whipped cream. Fill one half of the frame with the white mousse and place this into the freezer to allow to set (at least 3 hours). Remove from the freezer and remove the central divider. For the pink mousse dissolve the Strawberry Fond powder into the remaining warm water and then fold into the remaining lightly whipped cream. Add the pink mousse to the empty half and place this back into the freezer to allow to set (minimum 3 hours). Once set, remove from the frame and cut in half. Place one half upside down onto the other so that you have sponge on the top and bottom and alternating coloured squares in between. Place this onto a wire rack ready to enrobe.


Put the Decorgel Plus into a small bowl, stir until smooth and then heat to 45°C. Add the yellow colour to achieve the desired shade and then enrobe the Battenburg Mousse. As an option you can place the whole Battenburg Mousse onto a shortcrust pastry base for added texture and support. To make this mix the 3 ingredients together to form a paste, pin out and cut to the desired size then bake at 190°C for 12-15 minutes.

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Battenburg Mousse


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