Vegan Black Forest Vertical Log Cake

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Firstly, prepare the aquafaba. Place the aquafaba into a saucepan and heat for 10-15 minutes over medium-low heat. Cool to room temperature.

Prepare the chocolate cake batter using Dawn Balance Crème Cake Mix.

Once the cake has cooled, whip the aquafaba with a pinch of salt and a few tablespoons of sugar, to stabilise it. Once a meringue is formed, fold it into the chocolate cake mix and spread onto two sheet trays, and bake again for 15-20 minutes. Once removed from the oven immediately dust with icing sugar and transfer to a clean kitchen cloth, rolling into a log to cool.  

Once cooled, cut the two logs in half horizontally and roll them out. Spread some Dawn Chocolate Frosting onto the cake and add some Dawn Delifruit Fruits of the Forest filling. Roll one of the halves into a small log and place onto another half; continue rolling into a thicker log. Repeat with the rest of the sponge until a thick, small log is formed. Place vertically on a serving platter. Ice with the rest of the frosting creating a wood type pattern and set aside or in the refrigerator.

Next, use the vegan white and dark chocolate to make the bark decorations. Temper the chocolate and spread white in a thin layer over some cling film. While the chocolate is slowly setting, using the back of a knife create some random lines and dents in the chocolate. Once set, spread the tempered dark chocolate onto the white and let set completely. Snap into bark shaped pieces and place all around the cake.

Add decorations of your choice.

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Vegan Black Forest Vertical Log Cake

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