Dawn Foods Limited – 2021 Tax Strategy

In compliance with section 161 and section 19(2) of schedule 19 Finance Act 2016, Dawn Foods Limited is publishing its tax strategy for the year ending December 31st 2021. . 

Dawn Foods Limited’s tax strategy includes the following: 

1. Meeting all legal requirements to timely file all required tax returns and make timely tax payments. 
2. Implement available tax reliefs and incentives when available while being consistent with the governmental codes and regulations. 
3. Evaluate the tax impact of business decisions such as corporate acquisitions and market penetration. 
4. Maintain a corporate environment which considers tax concerns as part of maintaining Dawn Foods Limited strong brand and reputation. 
5. Ensure that tax risk is understood and that the Board of Directors is made aware of significant tax matters. 


Approach to tax risk management and governance

Our goal is to maintain a high level of transparency in our compliance with tax legislation. Considering the great complexity of tax compliance, we make sure that: 

1. The Board of Directors is made aware of the importance and the complexity of tax compliance. 
2. There is dialogue between the management and the Board of Directors discussing current and potential tax issues. 
3. Dawn Foods Limited relies upon professional tax advisors to provide advice and review of our tax obligations and filings.  


 Attitude towards tax planning 

Dawn Foods Limited engages in tax planning that aligns with its commercial activities.  Dawn Foods Limited makes use of incentives, exemptions, and reliefs granted by the government but does not practice aggressive tax planning or enter transactions with the sole purpose of obtaining a tax advantage. 


Level of risk the Group is prepared to accept

Dawn Foods Limited has a responsibility to limit its tax risk. By relying on the guidance of external tax advisors, Dawn Foods Limited has a good understanding of the risks associated with its transactions.


Relationship with Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs

It is important for Dawn Foods Limited to maintain its position in the good graces of HMRC.  Dawn Foods Limited makes it a priority to ensure tax filing and tax payment deadlines are met.  Dawn Foods Limited employs professional tax advisors to act as their agent in dealings with HMRC. 

Through tax advisors, Dawn Foods Limited aims to participate in real time discussions with HMRC in relation to significant transactions and our ongoing business and tax affairs.